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Coastal Vision Accepts Tricare for Eye Exams!

At Coastal Vision, we happily welcome all patients with Tricare insurance to any of our locations for a complete eye exam.

tricare eye exam

As a locally owned and operated company, Coastal Vision understands and appreciates the impact local military members and their families serve within the community.   Hampton Roads is truly a community built by and centered around those who serve their country.  For years, our eye doctors and eye care team have been serving the family members and retired servicemen and women who have given with great sacrifice to ensure our freedom and security.

Tricare Coverage May Be without Copay for Eye Exam

Many people with Tricare may be surprised to know they are typically covered for a comprehensive eye exam under their insurance.    Many times the exam exam is without copay–some exceptions exist.   Our staff will be happy to assist you in giving you the details of your Tricare plan’s eye exam coverage.

Coastal Vision’s Exclusive Glasses Discount for Tricare Patients

tricare eye careAt Coastal Vision, we go a step further to show our appreciation for military members and families.   While Tricare does cover eye exams, it unfortunately does not provide benefits towards prescription glasses.   However, Coastal Vision does extend an exclusive, in-house military appreciation discount to Tricare patients who have their eye exam in our offices.   This is our way of saying thank you to those who have served!

Please contact us at (757) 426-2020 for further details or to have our staff check your eligibility for an eye exam under your Tricare coverage.   You can also email us at or request an appointment online at any of our locations by clicking here.

Coastal Vision thanks military servicemen and women and we are here to provide welcoming eye care for your loved ones in a family friendly environment.