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Dr. Russell Beach

Dr. Russell Beach


Dr. Beach was born and raised in Melbourne (Florida, not Australia). Enjoying surfing and outdoor sports at an early age was probably the spring board for his overall interest in health and wellness. He attended undergraduate at Saint Leo University; graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology and as the Valedictorian and Outstanding Biology Student. He then attended graduate school at Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in Ft. Lauderdale. It was during those years where he became fascinated by the idea that knowledge and information could be leveraged to have a positive impact in the life of another human being.

"It was also during long hours of studying and clinical practice that I met and fell in love with my wife, Janel, who is now an amazing doctor, wife, and mother.  I give her most of the credit for my earning my doctorate in 2005, along with my awards for clinical excellence in the specialties of glaucoma, low vision, and ophthalmic optics."

Dr. Beach has been living and practicing optometry in Virginia Beach since his graduation. In 2008, he started his own private practice called Clearview Eye Care.  In 2013, he merged with the Coastal Vision practice. A few articles penned by Dr. Beach have been published in Review of Optometry and Advanced Ocular Care, and he is a member of the Tidewater Optometric Society, Virginia Optometric Association, and American Optometric Association.

At the Practice

At Coastal Vision, Dr. Beach enjoys practicing all aspects of the eye care profession. This includes primary eye care (glasses, contacts) to medical eye care (eye infections, ocular disease, diabetic retinopathy).  He devotes a large amount of his time diagnosing and treating glaucoma.

"The fact that glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness is what motivates me to pay it special attention in my day-to-day clinical care.  I also find myopia control a very fascinating area of eye care. Viewing and treating myopia as a public health issue is very important to me. And, recent developments in the controlling of myopia progression in children has been a new spark for me in clinical care these past few years."

Personal Life

Dr. Beach and his wife Janel have two boys, Parker and Greyson. They all love being outdoors. When he's not running long distances, Dr. Beach is usually with his family enjoying as many outdoor activities as he can find in Hampton Roads.  His family attends Red Church in Virginia Beach.

"I most associate myself as a follower of Jesus Christ. It’s the centrality around which everything else turns. My favorite verse, from the Sermon on the Mount, is “The eye is the lamp of the body.   If your eye is good, your whole body will be filled with light.” (Matt 6:22). It’s a physical and spiritual truth I hope permeates my work and family life in increasing measure."

This has been a catalyst for Dr. Beach's other passion: charity work. Coastal Vision has been blessed with the opportunity to give back to our local community in. All of the doctors see several homeless individuals at our office every week for free eye care and glasses. One Friday a month, the team also packs about 80 lunches for Homeland Disciples to distribute locally. Dr. Beach is currently coordinating efforts to provide free care and glasses on-site at local homeless shelters and housing centers. He knows the human impact of these efforts, on both the Coastal Vision team and those we’ve helped, is an amazing experience to witness.