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Dr. Jessica Lin

Dr. Jessica Lin


“From what I’ve seen, the eyes truly do tell you a lot about a person. From their general temperament to their ailments to their overall happiness.  The eyes can tell you not only about the physical condition, but also the intangibles that make up an individual’s nature. I want to treat the person as a whole, from their eyes down.   I not only want to help them with their actual ocular and visual health, but I want to express the understanding that the eyes are just a small but important part of the body and what we take from an evaluation of the eyes can be extrapolated to one’s physical health as a whole.”

This ideology is what drove Dr. Lin into the medical field – a way to help people be healthier.  While growing up in Maryland (though born in Taiwan) and attending Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, Dr. Lin has long known that there was an enduring desire to help people through healthcare and technology. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  she earned her Doctorate of Optometry from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2008, graduating third in her class. She received numerous awards and scholarships during her years in graduate school, and contributed to research testing and articles while in undergraduate school on the neuroscience topic of spatial neglect.

At the Practice

Dr. Lin moved to Virginia Beach to join the Coastal Vision family in 2009. She provides general comprehensive eye care to all ages with varying visual needs. 

This is the passion that drives Dr. Lin – finding ways to help patients see and feel better.  Beyond the practice, Dr. Lin also enjoys providing lectures on visual and ocular disorders and is an active member of American Optometric Association, the Virginia Optometric Association, and the local Tidewater Optometric Society. Outside of eye care, Dr. Lin enjoys community outreach such as volunteering with the National Red Cross, the Lions Club, and Kiwanis Club.

Personal Life

Beyond work and volunteering, Dr. Lin loves spending time with her family.  With two new little girls, she and her husband don’t have as much time to travel, play the PS3 or Diablo, or go out to the newest foodie outings like they used to.  Instead, it’s enjoying every single playground in the area and the first rollercoasters at Busch Gardens and the big hugs and cuddles at the end of the night that make her day.  When there is time though, Dr. Lin squeezes in some kickboxing, the insanity’s, or p90x’s, and tries to get in two mud runs a year.