spring allergies

A Breakdown of Ocular Allergies by Dr. Wang

Are your eyes constantly red? Do people always ask you why you always look like you have been crying? Redness and puffiness around the eyes could be a sign of chronic allergic conjunctivitis associated with environmental allergies. A Chemical Chain Reaction An allergic reaction is an immune system response to […]

contact lenses for children

Contacts Improve Quality of Life in some Children

According to one study, contact lenses improve vision-related quality of life in children compared with glasses—this was especially true in the areas of athletics and appearance. The study, published in Optometry and Vision Science Journal, was a 3 year assessment of the effects of glasses and contacts on the self-perception […]

hand washing

Handwashing the Right Way

Handwashing is something that most Americans know is important.   But, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) we may not be doing handwashing correctly and/or often enough.   Hands contaminated with germs are not only a threat to a person’s overall health, but there is a specific risk for individuals […]