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Coastal Vision Outreach Project 2019
Recap of 2018 Coastal Vision Cares Initiative
Coastal Vision Welcomes Dr. Arieneh Tahmasian, Pediatric Optometrist
2018 Warm Visions Campaign: Donate Jackets Receive Office Credit
Glaucoma Clinic services now offered on Saturday
4 Reasons to Throw Your Contact Lenses Away “On Time!”
Warm Visions Campaign: Donate Jackets in November, Receive Office Credit at Coastal Vision, Help Local Homeless!
Glaucoma Robs Sight by Dr. Abhner Wang, O.D.
School time! Coastal Vision’s same and next day kids’ glasses are perfect for back-to-school
Study says uncorrected hyperopia (farsightedness) impacts school related performance in Children.

Myopia and nearsightedness are one and the same. CooperVision Brilliant Futures. Learn more.

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