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Optician’s Corner: Have you ever been asked your height when filling your glasses prescription?

Truclear HD Plus, the next generation no-line bifocal (progressive) lens, incorporates patient height and many more custom parameters in it's unique design

This is truly another one of those exciting times to be in the optical field.  We are witnessing great advances in prescription lens technology that continue to improve the experience of our patients.   In fact, Clearview Eye Care has started using a progressive lens that is significantly more advanced than lenses from just a few years ago.

This new progressive lens, called Truclear HD Plus, is digitally made and completely and uniquely customized for each patient.  This is critical for the visual comfort of our patients to have these custom designed and manufactured lenses.   As we’ve seen in the past, we can take a person’s prescription and fill it in two different progressive lens designs.   Almost always, one will work better because it more closely matches the needs of the individual.   But now, we can take all these variables into consideration and design the best progressive lens possible for each patient.

Along with the prescription from Dr. Beach, the Truclear HD Plus incorporates the following parameters in the lens design:

  • patient’s height
  • distance from the back of the glasses to the surface of the eye
  • degree of curvature in the face part of the eyeglasses
  • degree of tilt the lenses will make once inside the glasses.

Research has shown that all of these parameters actually affect how a person experiences vision through their glasses and now we are able to fully customize that experience with Truclear HD Plus.   This really is a remarkable advancement in technology.

If you are currently wearing traditional progressive lenses, now is a great time to try the new, fully-customized Truclear HD Plus.

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