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Warm Visions 2016 Donations Campaign: Earn Office Credits, Benefit Homeless

Coastal Vision Warm Visions Campaign


Soon, cold weather will be upon us.  We feel excited and blessed to announce that Coastal Vision is once again doing our annual Warm Visions Donations Campaign--yet another extension of our Coastal Vision Cares Initiative which aims to actively engage the local community in positive and charitable ways.

Specifically, the Warm Vision Donations Campaign is where we ask you to bring in and donate your articles of cold weather clothing  and, in return, we give you an office credit that can go towards your copays on services, glasses, or contact lenses.   This year we are running the donations campaign throughout November AND December in hopes we'll be able to give even more well-needed warm clothing to local homeless individuals.

When you bring in your donations, we will give them to a wonderful organization called Homeland Disciples.    This charity, run by Bob and Debbie Roth, works very hard to support the local homeless in the Tidewater area in any way they can.    Locally, the severity and scope of homelessness is not something that is frequently discussed or highlighted.   But, the folks at Homeland Disciples have dedicated their lives to bringing support, resources, medical care, and other life essentials to hundreds of homeless individuals throughout the Tidewater region

So this is how the Warm Visions Campaign works.   If you bring us one article of warm clothing (jacket or sweater or gloves, or a blanket), we’ll give you an office credit of $10.  If you bring in two items we’ll give you a $15 office credit and for 3 or more items we’ll give you a maximum $20 credit towards your office expenses.

We do ask that items donated be near-new or in lightly used condition.

Last year, our Warm Visions Donations Campaign was able to collect over nearly 200 cold weather clothing items that were then distributed to the local homeless during their most needed time of the year.   We greatly appreciate all the patients who made this campaign a success last year; and we urge you to help us again provide support to our local homeless during a very rough time of year.   Every item you donate to our Warm Visions Campaign will help make a difference.

Thank you for supporting Coastal Vision's 2016 Warm Visions Campaign throughout the month of November and December.

Dr. Beach

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