Contact Lens Care

Always adhere to these guidelines to ensure proper eye health, vision, and comfort.

  • Make sure to visit Coastal Vision regularly for contact lens evaluations and to check the health of your eyes.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: If you start to notice your eye becoming red or painful, having discharge, or your vision has become blurry contact the office Immediately!
  • Always wash your hands before handling any contact lens.
  • Rub and rinse the surface of each lens before storing them.
  • Never use tap water to rinse or store your lenses.
  • Use only sterile disinfecting solution recommended by the doctor to store and rinse your contacts.
  • Discard the used contact lens solution from the case every time your contacts are removed.
  • Always use fresh disinfecting solution when you store your lenses. No topping off.
  • Replace your contact lens case with a new one every 3-4 months to prevent infection.
  • Remember to replace your contact lenses according to the replacement schedule prescribed by your doctor
  • Do NOT sleep in contact lenses unless you are directed by your doctor that it is ok to do so.
  • Never exchange lenses with someone else.
  • Never attempt to clean off a contact lens by placing into your mouth.