Cutting Edge Technology

When you visit Coastal Vision, you’ll notice something different about our office—technology. We believe the only way to deliver on our commitment to excellent care is to utilize the best and newest eye care technology at every stage of the eye care process. Some of the advancements in technology you can expect are:

Digital Retinal Photography

A specialized digital imaging system is used to create a high definition digital photograph of your retina and optic nerve, which are located on the inside of your eye. This technology provides extremely important information which may help in ruling out diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and changes due to diabetes and high blood pressure. Having digital retinal photos performed every year is also the best way to monitor for the smallest of changes in your ocular health. As a result, we encourage all patients to undergo digital retinal photography on an annual basis.

Corneal Topography

This new technology uses scans of the cornea to create a computerized topography or map of the front part of your eye. This map shows any irregularities in shape or the presence of astigmatism that may affect contact lenses. The test is also the best way to detect rare corneal diseases such as Keratoconus.

Computerized Automated Refractor

Gives an automated and objective measurement of your new glasses prescription which Dr. Beach will fine tune to provide a final result

I-care Tonometer

We no longer use the “Archaic puff of air” test at any of our offices. Our new technology is a much more accurate and comfortable way of measuring pressure within the eye.

Automated Visual Field Perimetry

This is a computerized machine that measures the sensitivity in your peripheral vision. This test is very important in the monitoring of changes due to glaucoma, as well certain neurological conditions.

Marco TRS Automated Refraction System

The Refraction machine used by most practices consists of dials that are turned while asking “better one or better two.” These machines are based on technology that is over 50 years old. Coastal Vision utilizes the Marco TRS system which is an automated machine that Dr. Beach uses to check your new prescription. No more spinning of the dials. Instead, we operate the refraction system through a remote computer control that allows for more efficient and more accurate glasses prescriptions.

Computerized Patient Records System

All of our automated machines are linked via an intra-office server and a computer based patient records system. This means no more paper records which can be lost or damaged. This also means no more messy and hard to read doctor notes. We also back up our records system on a daily basis to ensure that no records are ever lost.