Contact Lens Examinations

contact_lensCoastal Vision understands the importance of fitting contact lenses that are both comfortable and provide good vision. Contact lenses are a part of your everyday life, and for that reason the contact lens examination must involve careful assessment of your eye health, vision prescription, and visual needs and expectations.

Contact Lens Evaluations Include:

  • Evaluation of your ocular health to check for dry eyes, allergies, or other conditions that can be treated in order to improve contact lens comfort and performance
  • Corneal Topography: A computerized scan of the cornea, the front part of the eye, to digitally map out the shape of your eye. This gives the best possible information for the selection of the proper contact lens prescription. Corneal topography also helps detect rare and potentially sight threatening diseases such as Keratoconus. As we believe in providing the best possible care, corneal topography is included, at no extra charge, with all contact lens examinations
  • Assessment of whether your eyes would benefit with the fitting of Silicone Hydrogel soft lenses. These newest generation of contact lenses are more breathable, moisturized, and healthier than older generation lenses
  • Fitting of trial lenses to assess the fit of the lenses on the eye, as well as check the visual performance and comfort of the lenses
  • Recommendations and samples of specific contact lens cleaning solutions, based on your eyes and your contact lenses
  • Follow-up evaluations to reassess day to day contact lens performance and comfort