uncorrected vision impacts school children

Study says uncorrected hyperopia (farsightedness) impacts school related performance in Children.

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Uncorrected hyperopia (farsightedness) may impact a child’s academic related performance, according to a recent study published in the February 2015 issue of “Optometry and Vision Science.” The study simulated uncorrected hyperopia in children with an average age of 11 years old.   Researchers looked at how the combination of uncorrected hyperopia […]

Clearview Eye Care becomes Coastal Vision

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In 2013, Dr. Beach joined 3 other optometrists (Dr.’s Wang, Lin, and Nilsson) to form Coastal Vision. Under this new partnership, Clearview Eye Care was merged into the Coastal Vision umbrella. Clearview continues to operate at its original location near the corner of Kempsville Rd. and Centerville Turnpike, but does so under the name Coastal Vision.