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Are you still wearing the type of contact lenses that need to be cleaned?

If you said yes, hopefully I've got your attention.     There is a type of contact lens that doesn't need to be cleaned every day, dramatically increases the convenience of contact lens wear, results in over $100 a year in savings on contact lens solutions, AND greatly reduces your chance for eye infections/allergic conditions related to lens buildup.

So what is my new contact lens of choice?   The Dailies Aqua Comfort.

More and more studies are indicating that the use of daily disposable (Dailies) lenses are safer than 2 week or 1 month replacement lenses.    Research shows a much lower risk of collecting micro-organisms, like bacteria and fungi, which could cause potentially blinding eye infections.     And,  research shows a much less likelihood of ocular allergies due to protein or pollen buildup on the contact lenses.    The result:   dailies are the safest of all lens types.

Of course, the convenience is one of the greatest benefits as well.   No lens requires less work than dailies.   You open up a new lens pack each day, throw it away at the end of the day, and repeat the next day.   There is no need to clean the lens in the morning and in the evening.    This means saving well over $100 each year on contact lens solutions.

The Dailies Aqua Comfort lens is my new favorite lens because it also is one of the most comfortable lenses that I prescribe to patients.    This brand of lens is also now available in many different prescriptions, so a greater number of patients will be able to take advantage of what has become the safest and most convenient lens.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us more about Dailies, be sure to shoot us an email or give us a shout over on facebook!

Dr Beach

Clearview Eye Care,   Virginia Beach, VA

(757) 275-9090

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