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2020 Warm Vision Campaign: Donate Jackets, Receive Office Credit

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Nearly every day we are reminded of the ongoing challenges of living in a pandemic.   Jobs, health, lives, education are just some of the areas of everyday life that have been radically disrupted due to COVID.   There's a lot of signposts on this present journey.   Some induce fear or anxiety.   Yet, there's signs of hope if we look for them.   There's people coming together to donate compassion and a helping hand where and when they can.   At Coastal Vision, we continue to focus on those areas of hope, as well as our ongoing desire to be a productive and positive member of the Hampton Roads Community.


Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

That's why we are pleased to announce our 2020 Warm Visions Campaign.   This is our annual donation drive to help the local homeless and nearly-homeless individuals.

It's pretty simple to get involved and receive some perks in return.    If you donate jackets or other cold-weather items, we'll give you office credits that you can use towards services or products at any of our 4 offices.   If you donate 1 item, you'll get a $10 credit.  If you donate 2 items, you'll get a $15 credit.   If you donate 3 or more items, we'll give you a max $20 credit.

We'll be accepting donations November and December.

In addition to gently used or nearly new jackets, you can also donate nearly new blankets or gloves or scarfs.    There will be a donation bin at each of our 4 offices.   We'll sanitize all items before passing them along to our wonderful and long-time partners at Homeland Disciples, which is a local homeless ministry that will help distribute these items to those in need.

During times like these, those in need are often even more in need of our help.   Please consider supporting our efforts to making someone's cold weather months just a bit warmer.   Thank you to all those who've supported this campaign over the years.   We could not do it with you.

Stay well friends!

Feel free to give us a call (757) 426-2020 or email us


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