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Coastal Vision Welcomes Dr. Arieneh Tahmasian, Pediatric Optometrist

dr tahmasian

Dr. Tahmasian Joins Coastal Vision to Provide Pediatric Eye Care

We couldn't be more excited to announce that Dr. Arieneh Tahmasian joined Coastal Vision in August 2018.  She has has the unique background of having completed a residency at The Eye Institute, Magee Rehabilitation Center, and Saint Christopher’s Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia specializing in Pediatric Optometry, Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury, and Vision Therapy.

Dr. Tamasian, or Dr. T as we call her, practices at our Salem Crossing, Red Mill, and Harbourview offices.

Dr. T's unique background and experience make her one of the very few optometrists in Hampton Roads who focuses on pediatric eye care, binocular vision, and vision therapy.    This is important, especially in kids, because functional vision is so much more than seeing clearly.   For kids, important activities such as reading, learning, and playing sports depends on how well the eyes work together and with the brain.   These relationships not only need to be accurate, they need to be efficient.   That's where Dr. Tahmasian comes in.   Her special evaluations, called Binocular Vision Evaluations, go beyond a regular eye exam.   Dr. T looks at developmental, social, academic, and behavioral history to identify deficits that could be related to the vision processing systems.   Click here to learn more about Binocular Vision Evaluations.

At the outcome of these evaluations, Dr. T may recommend at home vision therapies or exercises targeted at deficient components of the vision system.   Some patients may also be recommended for in-office Vision Therapy.  Vision therapy, often referred to as VT or orthoptics, is aimed at improving, enhancing, and developing visual performance through individualized treatment programs to build new neural patterns. Similar to physical therapy, Dr. Tahmasian teaches patients to relearn or enhance the use of various muscles in the eye that are not functioning correctly and are causing discomfort.   Click here to learn more about Vision Therapy.

Lastly, Dr. T has interest and experience in diagnosing and treating vision problems that may arise from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).   Often, the vision symptoms from these injuries can be very challenging or debilitating.  Dr. T can help minimize some of these symptoms to allow patients regain important visual functions for day-to-day life with specific treatment plans.

To request an appointment with Dr. Tahmasian or find a Coastal Vision location, please click here.