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Recap of 2018 Coastal Vision Cares Initiative

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One of the greatest honors we have at Coastal Vision is the opportunity to make a positive impact on the community around us.   Being locally owned and operated, Coastal Vision is invested in making Hampton Roads a better place for everyone. When ownership changed in 2013, we developed a  special interest in helping homeless and financially-disadvantaged individuals--people that would not normally have access to eye care at our offices.    This blossomed into our Coastal Vision Cares Initiative.

We would like to share this 2018 update, not to boast or earn praise, but to give thanks to our patients by showing how patronage at Coastal Vision is being leveraged to help people-in-need..   Without the support of thousands of patients every year at Coastal Vision, we would not have the resources to bear the fruit of grace and charity to others. You’ve sown and now others are reaping help when they need it most.

2018 Coastal Vision Cares Initiative: 

59 in-office pro-bono eye exams

35 pro-bono exams at a homeless shelter in Virginia Beach

90 free glasses to people-in-need

$28,000 donated to Homeland Disciples and other local charities

We also want to thank our amazing partners, namely Homeland Disciples.  Through their homeless ministry they were able to provide transportation for homeless and other people-in-need to our office for pro-bono care and glasses. In 2018, we also committed to donate a certain amount of every glasses sale to support Homeland’s Transitional Housing Project.   This important project will allow people to get off the streets and transition to a life of self-sufficiency and greater purpose.

2018 was a memorable year.   We at Coastal Vision feel blessed to have so many patients who trust us with their eye care.  We are humbled to be given so many opportunities to improve the lives of those who could not normally afford access to eye care and glasses.   Our hope and prayer is that 2019 will only bring even more possibilities for giving back!

Russell Beach, O.D.


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