Coastal Vision Donates a Portion of Every Glasses Sale to Help Local Homeless

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A portion of the proceeds from every glasses purchase at Coastal Vision goes to support the Transitional Housing Project for homeless individuals by Homeland Disciples.  

“Underneath the layers and the grime lies an individual who has value.”  Homeland Disciples.

At Coastal Vision, we share the sentiment and truth of this quote. No person is without value. As part of our Coastal Vision Cares Initiative, we’ve donated thousands of pairs of eyeglass frames in the last 3 years. We’ve also partnered with our friends at Homeland Disciples to coordinate free eye care to several homeless individuals every week. Now, we are especially excited to announce further growth in our partnership with Homeland Disciples in the support of local homeless individuals.  

Starting August 2016, a portion of the proceeds from every glasses purchase at Coastal Vision will be donated to the Transitional Housing Project by Homeland Disciples.   coastal vision homeless

According to Homeland Disciples, their Transitional Housing Project will aim to help homeless individuals off the streets, into safe transitional housing, and develop long-term skills and plans to obtain sustainable and permanent housing of their own. The immediate goal will be to move several individuals at a time off the street or out of shelters into a clean, safe, and peaceful residence. Yet, Homeland Disciples understands that’s just the first step. They’ll use this time and opportunity to assist these individuals: 1) Develop personal and achievable goals 2) Develop specific steps to take in order to achieve their goals 3) Help the residents maintain employment, increase their job skills and income, refine life and social skills and to obtain permanent housing.

Coastal Vision is humbled to be given the opportunity to contribute to such a vital and worthy cause. We’ve seen firsthand, through our work with Homeland Disciples, the impact that homelessness has on people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. The homeless people we meet every week are genuine, kind, humble, and hopeful. Their stories compel us to thankful contemplation of our own situations and they help remind us that we are a community in need.

We also feel blessed and fortunate to be supported by so many thousands of great patients across Hampton Roads that make these efforts possible.  Not only has your patronage of Coastal Vision given us continued growth, you’ve given us the resources to be active participants in the care of our local communities. Your support will continue to be reinvested back into the local community through our Coastal Vision Cares Initiative and we look forward to its continued and positive impact.

To learn more about Homeland Disciples’ Transitional Housing Project, click here. We encourage you to spread the word about this worthy cause.


Dr.’s Wang, Lin-Nilsson, Nilsson, and Beach

Coastal Vision Co-owners