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Glaucoma Clinic services now offered on Saturday


Let’s face it.   With all of life’s responsibilities, it’s often challenging to make and keep your doctor appointments Monday through Friday. glaucoma That’s one reason why Coastal Vision is now expanding our Glaucoma Clinic services to include Saturdays at our Salem Crossing location on Lynnhaven Parkway.

On select Saturdays, Dr. Russell Beach now has clinic hours to examine and treat patients that either have glaucoma or are at risk for developing the potentially blinding condition.   Coastal Vision’s Glaucoma Clinic service seeks to utilize our growing collection of cutting edge diagnostic equipment to customize the examination to the specific needs of the condition.  Glaucoma is a complex condition with many factors involved and it requires diverse diagnostic technology to be addressed successfully.  

According to Dr. Beach,

“glaucoma is a very serious condition and is a leading cause of permanent vision loss.   Even the suspicion of the disease or the presence of risk factors for the development of it must be taken very seriously and fully evaluated and treated.   But, we don’t want life’s daily concerns to get in the way.   That’s why we’ve expanded our Glaucoma Clinic service to include Saturday hours and give patients a convenience factor they may not have had before.   Anytime you improve access to care, outcomes are improved.”

To schedule an appointment in our Saturday Glaucoma Clinic, please give us a call at (757) 426-2020.