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Dr. Jessica Lin talks “TC Charton Asian-fit Eyewear”


As with many of my fellow Asians, I’ve always been frustrated by the lack of selection of "asian-fit eyewear" that would not only look great but actually sit and stay on my face properly.   I actually like wearing glasses; it’s a nice change from wearing contact lenses. However, with a flatter nose bridge, narrower set eyes, and essentially flatter profile, I don’t think I've ever found eyewear that didn’t slide down my nose.

Since the glasses wouldn’t sit on my nose bridge (without indenting nosepieces into my skin), I had to accept that they had to either be fit tighter and shorter at the temples so that the frames could rest on my cheeks.  But then the temples would be so tight they started giving me headaches from either pressing into my skin and ears or I’d be inadvertently tightening the muscles above my ears to keep the glasses on.  Then if they were on my cheeks because of my flatter profile, the lenses would just keep hitting my eyelashes.

All around, I just gave up on wearing glasses and my sunglasses (despite being an eye doctor and knowing better) unless it as for only a short period of time.  Not all Asians have this problem but a large number do.  Also, people of other ethnic backgrounds may have similar anatomical challenges when trying on traditional glasses.

Not until recently has there been a company that has attempted to address these issues in the US. Finally, TC Charton Asian-fit Eyewear, designed by Alexandra Peng Charton,  has successfully tackled these fitting issues with a line that is not only fashionable but better fitting for any person who has these same obstacles.  I’ll admit, after years of unsuccessful searching, I was skeptical.  But, after actually putting on my first pair of TC Charton glasses, I was sold! I was surprised that my initial thought was, “Hmm, these actually fit!”, then secondly, “Wow, these are pretty nice! I want to try on the other styles!” (I took one off our stock before it even hit the sales board!)

TC Charton is available across the county, but only in selective areas. Coastal Vision is now the only practice in Hampton Roads (and all of Virginia) to have the privilege of carrying this great line that specifically addresses these fitting difficulties for any individual that has had their glasses or sunglasses slide down their face.  We can now end that frustration and actually start loving our glasses!  I love mine!!

Dr. Jessica Lin,   Optometrist and Co-owner of Coastal Vision