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School time! Coastal Vision’s same and next day kids’ glasses are perfect for back-to-school

As busy parents, it's often challenging to keep up with your kids' glasses and eye exams during the summertime and before school starts.    Between vacations, day trips, and recreational activities it can be difficult to find time to scratch off eye exams and glasses from your kids' back-to-school checklist.    The good news is that Coastal Vision's same and next day turnaround service on most kids' glasses provides the perfect prescription for both your child's needs and your schedule.

With an in-house prescription lens inventory that covers 95% of single vision prescriptions, Coastal Vision is able to provide you with the peace of mind in knowing you won't have to wait one to two weeks for your child's glasses.    And that can make the world of difference.  There is no doubting the importance of vision in the development of a child.  Poor vision could create a poor start for the school year.   But, starting the school year off with an up-to-date set of prescription glasses gives your child the opportunity to learn more efficiently and effectively.

Coastal Vision has 4 locations in Virginia Beach and 1 in Chesapeake--all of which welcome children of all ages. You can give us a call at (757) 426-2020 or email us at to get more information, inquire about insurance coverage, or schedule an appointment.

Coastal Vision is owned by local optometrists that are also parents.  So, we understand how precious eyesight and education are in a child's development.  But, we also understand being busy parents.  That's why we established this service.   Great vision for your child should not have to wait and Coastal Vision is here to help!

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