Warm Visions Campaign

Coastal Vision Cares

For the entire month of November, bring in any article of cold weather clothing (jackets, blankets, scarves, gloves, etc) and receive a credit towards your out-of-pocket expenses at any of our Coastal Vision offices.

How it works:

  1. Find any new or gently used article of cold weather clothing.
  2. Bring the item(s) to any of our four offices.
  3. Get up to a $20-CREDIT for each item that you donate ($10 for ONE item, $15 for TWO items, or $20 for THREE or more items). We encourage you to donate as many items as possible as every item goes to somebody in need in our community.
  4. Enjoy your holiday season!!

At the end of November, we hope to have a large collection of donations to hand over to local charities just in time for the expected drop in temperatures. There are a great number of local homeless and underprivileged individuals that greatly need these materials.

Coastal Vision Cares

The Warm Visions Campaign is yet another extension of our Coastal Vision Cares Initiative.  As you already know, Coastal Vision Cares partners with HIS Vision Project to donate a pair of glasses for every pair of glasses we sell.  Additionally, Coastal Vision Cares recently partnered with Homeland Disciples to provide free vision, medical eye care, and glasses to local homeless individuals.

We greatly appreciate your trust in Coastal Vision and we value your continued support of the community outreach programs within our Coastal Vision Cares Initiative.

Warmest regards,

Dr.’s Lin, Wang, Nilsson and Beach