Dr. Nilsson provides alternative to LASIK: CRT, a non-surgical way to free patients of glasses

As optometrists, we often hear from patients who desire independence from corrective eyewear but have concerns about LASIK.   Some patients may be hindered, restricted or bothered by glasses.   CRT lenses reshape the eye and provide an alternative to LASIK in freeing patients from glassesOthers may suffer from dry eyes interfering with contact lens wear.   Other patients may wish to be free of glasses but either are not a good candidate for eye surgery (LASIK) or may be apprehensive about surgery.

Dr. Nilsson, optometrist and co-owner of Coastal Vision, has been providing patients with Corneal Reshaping Technology or CRT, which is a non-surgical method to fix a patient’s vision.    With CRT, a person can be free of glasses and contact lenses during the day.    This is a unique service provided by Dr. Nilsson, and patients that are near-sighted (myopic) are especially good candidates for this treatment.    With CRT, Dr. Nilsson designs and fits patients with “corneal reshaping”  contact lenses that are worn at night, while a patient sleeps.    This process gently reshapes the front part of the eye and is FDA approved for adults and children.   The CRT process is not painful or harmful.   The process is also reversible, unlike LASIK surgery.

For a free CRT consultation with Dr. Nilsson, please give us a call at (757) 426-2020, email us at info@coastalvisionva.com, or click here to request an appointment online.   You can also request an appointment through our Facebook Page.   Be sure to mention you are interested in CRT and our staff will schedule this free consult with Dr. Nilsson at your convenience.

Also, be sure to watch this informative video about Corneal Reshaping Technology and it’s benefits.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AtWPD_FE3E[/youtube]