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Optifog Technology Improves Performance of Prescription Lenses

Even eye doctors wear glasses and contact lenses.   In fact, I would say most do.   That is probably what started their interest in becoming an optometrist.    Recently, I underwent my annual eye exam with the prettiest eye doctor in town---who also happens to be my wife---and she wrote me a new prescription for glasses.

When my new glasses came back, I was pleasantly surprised that our optician, Marisa, had secretly ordered the new Optifog technology on my lenses.    Marisa shares my belief that we only recommend products or technology to our patients that we have personally tested and seen the benefit firsthand, and she knew this would be a perfect opportunity.


It only took a day for me to be impressed by the performance and benefits of the Optifog lenses.    This new technology builds fog-preventing properties into the lens and completely prevents fogging.     Personally, foggy lenses occurred for me in certain situations, such as drinking coffee in the car on my way to work, or going from a cold environment to a warmer, more humid environment, or while going on a run while wearing my polarized sunglasses.     With the new lenses, the fogging never happens and I can go about my activities uninterrupted.

If you've been frustrated before by foggy lenses, I'd recommend the Optifog technology be incorporated into your next pair of glasses or sunglasses. Enjoy the comical video above that points to some of the "dangers" of having foggy lenses ;)


Dr. Beach



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