Eye Color Disadvantage? Statistics show lower batting average during the daytime for blue-eyed baseball players.

Have you ever watched a sporting event on television and been amused by how abstract and random some statistics seem?   Well, one stat may actually have some significance.   A recent NY Times article found that major league baseball players with blue eyes have a lower batting average during the day than they do at night.

We’ve posted before about how blue eyes have less “sunlight filtering” ability than dark colored eyes (click here to see that post).   And, the NY Times article cites this reduced filtering ability as the reason for this interesting statistic.    Sports medicine professionals are now working closer with players to educate them on how this can significantly affect their ability to visually track the baseball and how finding the correct pair of sunglasses can improve their game on sunny days.

If the glare can affect these professional athletes, it can also affect the rest of us with light or  blue-colored eyes during all of our outdoor activities—from sports to leisure to driving.    Our expert staff at Clearview Eye Care can help you find the correct sunwear frame and lenses to make sure your eyes perform at their best in these daytime activities.     Be sure to check out our previous posts on “UV Light and your Eyes,” and “Polarized Lenses.”

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