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Here’s My Retina. Have you seen yours lately?

Even optometrists need annual eye exams.  My eye doctor, who happens to also be my wife, won't let me get much past a year without a comprehensive eye health evaluation.    And as a patient, and as an optometrist, I'm convinced that annual eye exams are the best way I know to keep eyes healthy.    Even when vision seems fine,  annual eye health evaluations are important for monitoring ocular health and detecting early signs of ocular conditions.    Many of these conditions may only become  noticeable to patients after significant damage has occurred.   By this time, treatment becomes a complicated process.    But annual eye exams can facilitate earlier diagnosis and earlier treatment.

Dr. Beach's Right Eye

Dr. Beach's Left Eye

One thing that I also recommend every year is Digital Retinal Photos.   I've posted mine here.    These were taken at my last annual eye health evaluation.    These digital images allow us to establish a permanent record of the retina, blood vessels, macula, and optic nerve.    Year after year, these retinal images become an important part of annual evaluations because they allow us to monitor for changes over time.   What better way to determine if your eye health is changing than to compare, side by side, retinal photos taken over subsequent years?

For this reason, Digital Retinal Photos are a great compliment to the annual eye health evaluation.

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Dr. Beach.

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