Coastal Vision’s Centerville office is gallery for Outer Banks Photographer

Without a doubt, my enjoyment in delivering patient care is my daily motivation to come to work.   The opportunity to

Historic Forrest on the beach at Corolla

use training, experience and a modern facility to improve the lives of others is what keeps me coming back day after day.  But I have to admit, there is another aspect of coming to the Centerville office that I look forward to every day, and that is seeing all the great Outer Banks photography displayed in the office.

If you’ve been to our Centerville office before, you’ve probably noticed that it has become a working gallery of sorts for our good friend and Outer Banks photographer, Bill Birkemeier.  You can check out my interview with Bill by clicking here.   Bill lives and works in the Outer Banks and his skill as a photographer has captured so many of the beautiful landscape and wildlife scenes that make the Outer Banks a truly unique place.

Up Close with a Ghost Crab

Recently, we were lucky enough to add another 5 images to the Centerville office, bringing our total to about 30 pieces.   I’m posting a few of the new images in this blog, but if you have  a chance, please stop by to walk through our Centerville office and peruse the gallery.   Almost everyday, I find something new to appreciate about these photographs.   You can also learn more about Bill and his work at

Take Care,

Dr. Beach