Clearview Eye Care’s Most Popular Posts in 2010

Before we jump into 2011, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of people who’ve visited CEC’s blog this past year and to present our 10 most visited blog posts of 2010.     Click on the titles to see the full post.

10.   The Optometrist Song (beware—–it’s catchy!)

9.     New Study: Store Contact Lens Cases with Care

8.     Avatar: A Stereo-Vision Test?

7.     Facebook Fan Submitted Topic #3: Nearsightedness vs. Farsightedness

6.      Ask Dr. Beach: “What are these yellow spots on the white part of my eyes?”

5.      Ask Dr. Beach: Multifocal Contacts

4.      Ask Dr. Beach: Does Eye Color Affect Vision or Eye Health?

3.      Study Finds 66% Increase in Myopia in Americans aged 12-54 Years

2.       Medication Side Effects Review: Amiodarone

1.       And the most popular blog post of 2010 is…….       Ask Dr. Beach: Visual ‘Floaters’

Again, thank you to all the visitors in 2010 who make writing this blog so enjoyable!

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