Tag-a-Pumpkin: Free Sunglasses Contest

Tag-A-Pumpkin Free Sunglasses Contest and 32.6% Fall Sale

Even though Fall temperatures are starting to settle in, protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun is a year-round task!

To help with this, Clearview Eye Care is holding its: “Tag-a-Pumpkin:  Free Sunglasses Contest and Fall 32.6% Sale.”

Despite the long name, this promotion is pretty simple and it’s aimed specifically at our  social-media savvy patients.   You do have to belong to Facebook to enter!

Simply click here or click on the picture above. Then tag yourself in the photo. You can also tag your Facebook friends if you’d like to enter them in the contest as well.    On October 25th, we will randomly pick one winner from everyone who is tagged in the photo to win a brand new pair of free sunglasses.     We’ll even let the winner pick out their own sunglasses from our awesome collection.   One catch….we need at least 25 people to be tagged in the photo in order for us to select a winner.

In the meantime, every person tagged in the photo is eligible for a 32.6% discount on every pair of sunglasses in our optical boutique.   Our accountant actually asked us to take this sale promotion out to 3 decimal places, but we just thought that was ridiculous.

Happy Pumpkin Tagging and Good Luck!