Optician’s Corner: Wiley X

Optician’s Corner:   The arrival of Wiley X at Clearview Eye Care

Marisa Stassi, Optician

In the first segment of Optician’s Corner, I wanted to talk about the newest edition to Clearview Eye Care’s already awesome selection of eyewear:   Wiley X

Wiley X is the leading provider of shatterproof, protective eyewear to the U.S.  Military Special Forces and nationwide law-enforcement agencies.      But they now carry a great line of eyewear that can be used as sunglasses for outdoor activities or as protective eyewear for a number of occupations.

In fact, Wiley X makes eye wear for motorcycling, fishing, tactical, racing, and everyday outdoor sports.   The eyewear is very modern and stylish but is also one of the only lines of sun wear to carry the seal of ANSI approved safety eyewear—meaning the frame and the lenses are approved as the best in industrial safety and protection by the American National Standards Institute.

Some other great features of Wiley X are:

  • Polarized lenses for the best reduction of the harmful effects and visual glare from the sun
  • Wrapped frame styles  to further reduce sunlight exposure and glare
  • Digital lenses which reduce peripheral distortion
  • Available in various prescription lens designs including progressive (no-line bifocal)
  • Available in Transitions lenses in order to serve as clear safety glasses inside and stylish sunglasses outdoors.

Another really great feature of Wiley X is that many of their frames come with a removable foam insert which helps softly and comfortably rest the frames around your eyes.   This is great for patients on motorcycles.   It is also perfect during windy conditions so dust doesn’t get around the eyewear and into your eyes.    Dr. Beach also recommends the foam insert for patients with Dry Eye Syndrome, as the insert helps to  keep the eyes enclosed in a moist environment.

And, of course, as with all of Clearview Eye Care’s eyewear we provide a 3 Year Warranty against quality defects.    That is our commitment to standing behind your eyewear investment.

Feel free to stop by or schedule an appointment to look at the new Wiley X line   I’d love to help you find the right pair of Wiley X for your specific needs.