CEC Welcomes a new Team Member

CEC Welcomes Marisa Stassi, optician, to the practice

As our part of our commitment to continually improve our level of service and patient care, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new CEC team member, Marisa Stassi.      Marisa is an exceptionally trained optician, and her nearly 15 years experience in the optical industry will be of great benefit to the patients of Clearview Eye Care.     We pulled Marisa away from her busy schedule of assisting CEC’s wonderful patients to ask her a few questions about her philosophy as an optician.

Dr. B:   What do you like best about being an optician?

MSI love being able to assist people in selecting eyewear that is absolutely the best fit possible. I take a lot of pride in the special process of eyewear selection which considers the patient’s prescription, visual needs, and personal preferences and style .  It is extremely gratifying when a patient puts a pair of glasses on for the first time and immediately falls in love with them.

Dr. B:  Many people have not experienced a proper fitting of eyewear. What is your approach to customized fitting of eyewear?

MSEyewear selection is so much more than just style.  There are several aspects to selecting eyewear of which many patients are unaware.  When selecting the size and style of the frame, it’s important to educate patients as to why certain frames may or may not work well with their Rx.  For example, people who are moderately to severely myopic (nearsighted) should choose a frame that is not too large and that centers the eye well. People who are moderately to severely hyperopic (farsighted) should try to avoid semi rimless frames because this can add to the thickness and weight of the lenses.

Dr. B: What are some of the prescription lens technologies you are excited to share with patients?

MS Since I first learned about polarized lenses, when I was in Opticianry school, I have been a fan of polarized lenses.  Those who surf, fish, boat or swim, should know the benefits polarized lenses give, such as eliminating glare off of highly reflective surfaces (such as water) having polarized lenses is like seeing things in Hi-definition!!  Having so much water near us in the tidewater area, I feel that polarized lenses are a must for sunglasses!

I have been in the optical industry for many years now and the advancements that have been made to anti reflective lens treatments have improved the durability as well as overall wear ability of anti reflective lenses.  No longer will coatings flake off and craze, and they are much easier to keep clean and smudge free.

Dr. B:  What are some of the patient care benefits that you see given by CEC that you feel set us apart from the average optometry practice?

MSAfter many years in the optical profession,  one of the most impressive things I have seen at CEC is the 3 year warranty on frames and lenses.   We also go the extra mile by sending thank you’s and welcome letters to patients; not many eye care professionals take this extra step to show that they really appreciate their patients.   We also have some of the latest technology available to our patients and go the extra mile to even print out digital photos so that our patients can take them home with them.

I’ve also been impressed by the way CEC invites patients to stop by at any time for an adjustment to their current glasses, regardless of where they were purchased, and enjoy a cup of freshly-ground coffee in the process.   CEC is truly a unique practice centered on great service and genuine customer appreciation.  I am glad to now be a part of the CEC team.